Sunday, 15 March 2009

Well that was another week

Well it was another interesting week in school. The big event is that the school is getting a new finance manager. While this may seem good it means that we had to create a new office for them by converting a classroom in an extension. All well and good, however when the person starts Monday and we didn't start getting things for the office till Friday Morning you can see that there may be a problem! Mainly that we then have to get furniture from Ikea, build it, move out the old furniture then I can start the IT jobs of installing and reconfiguring the computers and telephones for the room. All told I was in work until 8.10pm Friday after a 7.30am start. Hardcore day!! on the plus side I've had a full weekend instead of having to go in Saturday to finish the job.

Church today was OK again. I came away feeling uplifted, which is the main thing I guess! Other than that its shaping up to be another fun week-lots of training to be done and lots to work on but otherwise it should be fun! :)

Friday, 6 March 2009

A Long Pause

Well, it seems that was a very long day (Though I'd beet Saxon to the punch there....)
Work is going well. Turns out the first few days back were very hectic with all kinds of little problems raising their heads. Mainly little simple things, like monitors not being plugged in. The best is someone saying "My computers not working" me, after walking in, turning it on and saying "There you go all fixed"

Things since that have been good. I'v learnt how to deploy software using MSI files, rather than installing it to every computer using a CD. When you ave 125 computers to manage, this is a good thing!
I've also learnt how servers work and have become familiar with all kinds of things. Also I work with the children a lot, helping teach the ICT lessons in lower primary.
This week was great fun-it was World Maths day Wednesday, and because of this we set up all of the schools laptops in the main Hall to allow everyone to have a go on the website, competing with other children all over the world. IT was hard work to set up and take down but the amount of fun they had made it all worth while!
It was also a good chance to stress test the internet and wireless network.
IT was interesting to see the reports from the firewall we have. On a normal day we use about 1.8GB of bandwidth. Wednesday we used 3.2GB-quite an increase!

Well thats the highlights of my experiences so far as a network administrator. Tune in later for more exciting updates!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Well that wasn't too difficult....

Well readers (or possibly reader, im not sure at this point.....) today was my second day in my new role as IT support at the international school here in Luxembourg. The last couple of days have run fairly smoothly with no major problems. I've fixed several white boards and made several software programs work. The major problem was the network DNS then playing up and all the office staff complaining they couldn't access their emails. Turns out this was a problem that required a consult from my technical advisers and eventually resulted in a reboot of the server. Good times had by all overall....
Well tomorrow the children come back to school and i expect many problems to raise their head once all the equipment is back in use. I've tested most of it so i don't think there will be too many problems but we shall have to see what happens!
Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting update!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

So I have arrived

SO it seems i have arrived safley in Luxembourg. The trip over here was fun and ended up as a 27 hour day for me! I started my last ever shift at work on Saturday Morning. I was up at 3am as i started just after 4am ready to open the restaraunt at 5am. After opening we had no customers in until about 6.10am, proving the point that opening that early in Loughborough is pointless as nobody wants to buy McDonalds that early in the morning. I ran a good whift and then as a final present got to leave early, just after 12. I said godbye to everyone then ventured out into the rain to walk up to my car feeling a little emotional as my 7 years at McDonalds drew to a close.
AFter i got to the car i drove back to the HArdys to finish packing everything. After packing all my things, i then got a call asking me to go to Curys and collect the bike Nicholas left there, as Mum and DAd were running late. Eventually they drove down to meet me and collect everything at about 5.30pm. We then loaded up the cars and headed south. The rain abated while we loaded but as we drove south it turned into, as Saxon described it 'Mega Death Rain' This is capitalised as it was that bad. At this point i'd had a nap while Mum and Dad drove down to Loughborough from Bradford and so Dad and I were driving. We were up gainst it as our ferry was booked for 9.20, meaning we had to be there at 8.50 and we didnt leave Loughborough till 6pm. The Satnav said the journey would take 3hrs 15 min. Despite this and the weather Dad and I pused on safely and drove at speeds appropiate to the prevailing road conditions managing to arrive at Dover at 8.50. At this point we checked in both cars and then were told that due to the weather the ferry ws delayed until 10.40. This meant we waited in the cars at the terminal safe from the mega death rain. We did venture out once, Blackwidow and I, to visit the service area there and purchase burgers from Burger King to eat with the last of our English Money. We then got loaded onto the ferry about 10.20 and went upstairs to meet up as the two cars were parked in different spots aboard. The crossing was a little rough but not too bad overall, and my family admired the secret project of Saxons making and agreed how cool it was (Saxon, photos will eventually follow!)
When we arrived in Calais at 1.10am French time Mum and Dad drove the cars and we headed off to Luxembourg at a nice steady pace. WE stopped a couple of times and i fell asleep lots but we arrived safely at our apartment at 6am and all collapsed into bed and slept till 12pm sunday, as it was stake conference that weekend and the stake centre is about 2 hours away from where we live. AFter gettin up we unloaded the cars and started to sort the apartment. Overall a fun trip and so far this week has been good fun overall! Futher deatails to follow, along with a report from a skirmish Saxon and I had a couple of weeks back.......

Thursday, 4 September 2008

A new direction

So I've taken some major decisions in the last few weeks. Prime in these is a decision to emigrate to live with my Parents in Luxembourg. As such this blog will become a place to keep friends and family up to date on whats happening in my life and what i get up to. Should be an interesting new direction me thinks!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


On reflections having posted that earlier I fel little bad now... I wonder if saxon realises that usualy nobody reads this blog so if he hadn't linked it nobody would have seen it.... Illustrates the classic conundrum with something that's leaked; do you stay quiet and hope nobody notices or make a fuss to get it removed so everyone knows???
Looking at it though made me realise that I've bought some singles and albums that I probably wouldn't admit to in polite company. On reflection the first single I bought I now look back at and realise just how embaressing it was. I was reminded of this as I cleared out the cupbard under the stairs last week and found a load of stuff.

Also another no you didn't moment occurred at work this week. A young member of staff used our rapid toaster to try cok something he shouldn't have. This toaster toasts a bun in around 15 seconds and works vertically. You drop a bun in the topand then the two halfs go down separate sides toast and rejoin at the bottom. Instead of putting bread in he put frozen chicken patties in. The word 'idiot' was used in its proper context at this point.
This event lead to the toaster having to be taken off an throughly cleaned before reuse which is a major pain in the rear end. Not a fun day though it was something new. I usually tell new staff not to worry as in the legnth of time I've been in my job I've een everything
. This was new however and proves that if you think something is idiot proof a more advanced model of idiot will waltz right over and prove you wrong.

In closing murphys law really does suck (and if your geeky enough to know the difference between that and sods law you are a true geek. And for that I salute you!)


Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Horriable horriable things found....

Well, if you read saxons blog you probably know him and mewere clearing out his dads garage today. He has many photos to share and im sure they will appear shortly however i thought id share what I found as we were clearing I out. The horrors of this song and the mental scarring from the sheer rubbishness and irritation of this song came flooding back ;p

Friday, 9 May 2008

The graduation dance

So, im at the graduation dance for insttute (a scripture study class at church) we've been taking photos and saxon said hed kill me if I put his up on the web... So you know I had to do it! I'=l fill everyone in on the es of the details lter this weekend. Also to follow is the tale of my 36 hour epic to get my final bit of uni coursework in. Good times!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

This would be so awesome...

While browsing a random news aggregator, i came across a thread discussing High School Pranks. The idea below had me in stiches-partly because i know I'd fall for it myself!

Cagey B [TotalFark] 2008-04-23 01:38:58 PM
I post this in every prank thread, but the most awesome ever is when someone gets two goats, paints a "1" and a "3" on them, releases them in said school/office building/church/funeral home, and sits back and watches as the authorities go nuts looking for "2".

Pure genius!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Another one bites the dust

Well church yeaterday was good. I arrived just after sarament as blackwidow slept in and had nothing to wear and therefore tok a while to sort out!
Church was good. The lessons on king benjamin and the priesthood also were both good. After that I had a nice quit afternoon. I spent several hours on the phone to people and then atge. In the evening I had a meeting in lichfield but had to collect 2 friends from leicestter making it a nice U hour drive there and another 2 hours back! We did pass MIRA thou which is cool! Yesterday I spent working on my uni project. Another cuple of sections bit the dust so now im nearly finished which is great and as a bonus my lecturer says it looks good too :) overall a good weekend. Now I have work tonight which is a litle boring but at least I can the look foreward to institute tomorrow night!